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Private Training

Personalised to suit


Whether you are battling with a serious behaviour problem or just need help fine-tuning your dogs manners, we can create a personalised training plan to suit.

We can help you with:

- Phobias / Anxiety

- Hyperactivity

- Dog to dog aggression

- Dog to human aggression

- Barking

- Pulling on the leash

- Coming when called

- Jumping up

and more.

We always start with an initial consultation / training session and from there can make a plan to best suit you. Some people like to be very involved in the training where others lack time or ability and want it done for them - we can accomodate either. Consultations start at $180 location dependant. 

Please contact us with a brief description of your dog and any problems you are experiencing, along with the area you live in, and we will be in touch with our available appointments.

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