Group Training Classes

For all ages and breeds

Located in Central Auckland at Barkley Manor's dedicated indoor dog daycare and training facility, our Basic and Refined Manners classes use reward based training techniques, games and both on & off lead exercises to make training not just fun, but hugely rewarding. 

All courses run for 5 weeks, same time & day each week for an hour. 




Baby Puppy

Basic Manners

Under 16 weeks at start date


Held at Barkley Manor in Grey Lynn. 

Pups need to have had two sets of vaccinations prior to starting class.

This 5 week course covers:

Life's essentials - toileting, sleeping, leaving your pup alone, handling, dealing with biting / chewing / barking
Socialisation - on & off lead with other puppies and dogs, meeting new people
Basic obedience - sit / down / stand, leave it, stay, loose leash walking & recall.

All family members encouraged to attend however, due to Covid 19 we can have a maximum of TWO people per puppy at each class.

*Upgrade to our Complete Puppy Package which includes this 5 week training course and a one on one session in your home. This can be used in between getting your pup and waiting for classes to start or during / after the course. Must be used before pup is 6 months old.

Course Start Dates

Each course runs on the same day at the same time each week for a total of 5 weeks. Each lesson runs for one hour.

Baby Puppy Basic Manners

Any pup under 4 months at the start date with at least 2 sets of vaccinations before beginning classes


  • Saturday July 4th - 10am *FULL

  • Saturday July 11th - 9am *FULL

  • Thursday July 16th - 7:30pm *FULL

  • Saturday July 25th - 2pm *FULL

  • Monday August 3rd - 6:30pm *FULL

  • Saturday August 8th - 10am *FULL

  • Thursday September 10th - 7:30pm FULL

  • Saturday September 19th - 2pm FULL

  • Monday September 21st - 6:30pm FULL

  • Saturday October 3rd - 10am (No class on Labour Weekend)

  • Thursday October 15th - 7:30pm

  • Saturday October 31st - 2pm

  • Monday November 2nd - 6:30pm

  • Saturday November 14th - 10am

  • Thursday November 19th - 7:30pm

  • Monday December 7th - 6:30pm ***Dates for this course will be Dec 7, Dec 14, Dec 21, Jan 11, Jan 18

Older Puppy Basic Manners

Any dog over 4 months at the start date


  • Saturday July 4th - 11am *FULL

  • Saturday July 4th - 1pm *FULL 

  • Monday July 6th - 7:30pm

  • Thursday July 9th - 6:30pm *FULL

  • Saturday August 8th - 1pm *FULL

  • Saturday September 5th - 9am *FULL

  • Thursday September 3rd - 6:30pm *FULL

  • Saturday October 3rd - 1pm (No classes on Labour Weekend)

  • Thursday October 8th - 6:30pm

  • Saturday October 10th - 9am (No classes on Labour Weekend)

  • Thursday November 12th - 6:30pm

  • Saturday November 14th - 1pm

  • Saturday November 21st - 9am

Refined Manners

For any dog that has completed Basic Manners with us


  • Saturday August 8th - 11am

  • Monday August 10th - 7:30pm

  • Monday September 28th - 7:30pm

  • Saturday October 3rd - 11am (No classes on Labour Weekend)

  • Monday November 9th - 7:30pm

  • Saturday November 14th - 11am


09-634 5637 / 021 028 87332

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